All persons implicated in committing atrocities in Kosovo must be brought to face justice and be punished regardless of their positions, said during the traditional briefing the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“on 24 June, the Prosecutor of Specialized judicial body in the Hague to investigate crimes “Kosovo Liberation army” (OAK) has published a statement in which they notified the completion of indictments against so-called “President” of Kosovo Hashim Thaci, the former speaker of the Assembly, Kadri Veseli, as well as eight former Iakovlev, she said. – They are suspected of committing crimes against humanity and war crimes, including murder, persecution and torture. The victims were about 100 people, including Albanians, Serbs, Gypsies and representatives of other ethnic groups. Collected materials are transferred to the preliminary proceedings. The beginning of the process will be possible after their consideration by the Chamber of the specialized court that will take up to six months.”

Zakharov noted that the decisions have once again demonstrated the failure of the so-called Kosovo “state”. “I would like to draw your attention that in heinous crimes the defendants are charged with, for many years head of the government institutions in Pristina, – stressed the diplomat. – These criminal elements directly organized in 2008 the unilateral Declaration of Kosovo’s independence, the illegitimacy of which is quite obvious and has international legal framework – the set of international legal documents clearly talking about the illegitimacy of the events of 2008.”

Recall that Hashim Thaci, has held the position of “President” of Kosovo in 2016 only due to the direct efforts of Washington and Brussels. However, neither the European nor the American partners did not bother that the report of the PACE and former Swiss Prosecutor dick Marty was clearly pointed out that this policy has led the Albanian mafia clan Drenica specialized in smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs. In the document it is characterized by a “mafia boss” and “drug dealer”. In addition, the West was not seen and the approval of the Prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Carla del Ponte, who set the Kosovar and his criminal associates on a par with the Nazis. So, she in her book “the Hunt: me and war criminals” told about the monstrous crimes that are comparable “to those that repaired the Third Reich”.