The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Germany were “the last gift” of the White house Donald trump Russian leader Vladimir Putin before the election of the President of the United States, according to CNN.

Trump with the withdrawal of troops decided to punish Germany, says CNN, and the posts of the American leader on Twitter, where he criticized Germany in the late payments of NATO and the purchase of energy from Russia.

According to CNN, it could take years to resolve caused by the NATO trump the damage.

The decision of the head of the White house criticized the head of the international relations Committee of the Bundestag Norbert Röttgen, said that the withdrawal will weaken NATO.

The Governor of Bavaria Marcus Soeder called the actions of the American side a serious damage to relations between the two countries, and stressed that the military benefits from this is no solution.

In the Kremlin, according to CNN, this decision US happy.

“We never hid the fact that [how we think], the fewer American soldiers on the European continent, the calmer in Europe” – quoted the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

CNN considers the actions of trump’s “gift to the Kremlin”, which does not stop.

Earlier, the Washington Examiner also said the decision on the withdrawal of troops from Germany “gift to the Kremlin” that scared the Baltic countries.

The Estonian military attaché in Washington, Navy captain Sten Sepper in an interview said that Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia are closer to the Kaliningrad and are the most “weak link” in the defense of NATO. He explained that for this reason, the Ministry of defence of Lithuania following the news about the withdrawal of troops from Germany was asked to increase the number of us troops in the Baltic States.

1 July the President of the United States Donald trump approved a plan for the withdrawal of American troops from Germany. Earlier, the head of the White house has promised to reduce troops in Germany to 25 thousand people, if Berlin, which “pays Russia billions of dollars,” do not begin to fulfill payment obligations of NATO. He also stated that major debts of Germany to NATO and the refusal of Berlin to “pay the bills”.

Later, the head of the Pentagon mark Esper announced the withdrawal from Germany 11.9 thousand American troops, 6.4 thousand of which will go home, the rest will be transferred to Italy and Belgium.