A mediator between Russian security services and militants of the banned in Russia organization “Taliban” was a drug dealer Rahmatullah Azizi. This is with reference to its sources writes the New York Times.

As reported by “Rambler”, previously in the American media appeared information about the reward allegedly offered by Russian military intelligence to the rebels for the murder of the US military in Afghanistan. The Russian foreign Ministry, these materials are called “simple spreading”.

According to the New York Times, in the reports of American intelligence as a key intermediary between Russian military intelligence agents and Afghan terrorists were named Rahmatullah Azizi. When this information is confirmed by officials of Afghanistan, emphasizes the publication.

The article notes that about six months ago in the offices of several businessmen in the Kabul and Kunduz were raided. The Deputy head of the provincial Council of Kunduz Savielly Amiri said that the aim of the operation was Azizi, “who went to Russia and back and said she worked there, but nobody knew what he was doing”.

The newspaper gives the information that for several years Azizi transferred money from Russian military intelligence to the Taliban for killing American soldiers, and by the time of the RAID – “run away”.