the King and Queen of Bhutan with kids.

the 39-year-old king of Bhutan Jigme wangchuck, Khesar and 30-year-old Queen of Jetsun PEMA wangchuck announced the name of their second son. He was named Ugyen Jigme wangchuck (Jigme Ugyen Wangchuck).

Subjects will call the boy His Royal Highness or Galsi (Prince) Ugyen wangchuck. By the way, the name Jigme, which are also father and older brother of the kid, translates as “fearless”.

the King and Queen of Bhutan with sons

On the occasion of the announcement of the name of the youngest Royal heir, the family also shared new photos taken during a visit to a prayer ceremony at a Buddhist monastery Casinho-Dzong.

Recall that the youngest son of the couple was born in March of this year, and in the day in Bhutan is celebrated father’s Day on 19 March. The firstborn pair came to light in 2016.

Khesar Jigme Namgyal wangchuck is the fifth king of Bhutan. He took the throne in 2006, and in 2011 was the wedding of the king and Jetsun PEMA, which comes from an ordinary family, but is considered one of the most beautiful women in the Kingdom.

the Ceremony was held in the main fortress in the country — Punakha-Dzong. The marriage of the monarch, the country widely celebrated: celebrations were held in major cities of Bhutan.

the Royal couple is very popular among his subjects — they are even called “Kate and William East.”