If a week ago in South Korea every day was fixed for 20-40 new patients, where most were coming from abroad, foreigners or Koreans, but that figure quickly surpassed one hundred people, dominated by “their” internal infections.

this morning According to the published statistics, as of midnight on August 15 in South Korea for the past day registered 166 new cases of infection. In the previous three days, the figures were 54, 56 and 103 infected.

Statistics show that South Korea was faced with another outbreak of coronavirus, which is now concentrated in the capital region, Seoul and cities in Gyeonggi province.

In this regard, during an emergency meeting of the government of the Republic of Korea decided to strengthen in Seoul and Gyeonggi province anticorrosiveness measures, increasing the level of social distancing to the second stage. Measures shall come into force at midnight on August 16 and extended for two weeks. The announcement was made personally by Prime Minister Jung Se-Kyung.

Under the new measures in these regions again, a ban holding of sports events with the presence of fans, and will also be closed institutions that fall into the category of places with elevated risk of Contracting coronavirus.

Note that in the last days in South Korea began to appear outbreaks of coronavirus in a variety of public places – churches, cafes, fast food restaurants, campsites and other places. Experts fear that can happen recurrence outbreaks COVID-19, as now is the holiday season, people began traveling around the country. The heat also causes many are not very responsible approach to the question of wearing masks.