Patrol ship “Vasily Bykov” project 22160 black sea fleet mysteriously traveled, probably with the purpose of the test container of weapons systems missiles “Caliber”, says Defence24.

According to “Izvestia”, “Vasily Bykov” arrived in white sea naval base, Northern fleet “for testing of naval weapons systems”.

“He came a long way: in June, the ship left the Black sea, crossed the Mediterranean, skirted the coast of France and through the North sea and the Baltic sea arrived in Saint Petersburg to participate in the Main naval parade. Taking part in the celebrations of day of the Navy [Navy], “Vasily Bykov” made the transition in the White sea on inland waterway communications and the system of the white sea canal”, the newspaper writes.

Defence24 concludes that, if in the White sea aboard the ship will be really tested on Board of the weapons, “it will be a great success for the Russians, who thereby prove convincingly that you can build modular ships”.

In July 2019 military commentator TASS Dmitry Litovkin said that the Russian “mosquito fleet” capable of defending the country in coastal waters, but does not give the “possibility of geopolitical influence in regions of the world.”