Seoul Police are investigating the incident, during which prosecutors were beaten and bitten by the driver. As reported by South Korean media, citing the information Department of the police for the district of Seocho Seoul, the incident occurred in the first hour of the night on August 14.

the 36-year-old employee of the General Prosecutor, being in an alcohol intoxication, got into a taxi, driven by an elderly driver. For unknown reasons, the Prosecutor during the movement of the car at full speed and began to open the door and try to exit. The driver stopped the car and began to persuade the passengers to calm down, indicating that they have not yet reached the destination. However, the passenger in response punched the driver and bit his shoulder.

Arrived on-call police squad detained the brawler, and the driver was taken to hospital, where he was given first aid. The General Prosecutor’s office refused to comment on the situation, saying only that they are “closely watching the investigation of the incident.” About rowdy knows that he works in Buchanska the office of the regional Prosecutor’s office in Incheon, but in February 2020 was seconded to work in the public Prosecutor’s office.