the State election Committee of Poland (GIKP) announced that due to coronavirus is scheduled for may 10 presidential elections will not take place. About it reports RIA Novosti news Agency.

Earlier, the Chairman of the lower house of Parliament elżbieta Witek was appointed presidential elections on may 10. However, adopted on 16 April the law on the special measures in connection with the spread of the coronavirus deprived of gikp able to hold the elections, so the new rules suspended certain powers of the electoral Commission, including the printing of ballots. In this regard, a number of provisions of the Electoral code, according to GIKP, cannot be applied. In particular, local authorities will prepare the list of voters on Saturday will not be the mode of election silence prohibits any campaigning until the voting and election day polling stations will remain closed.

on the Eve reported that the elections of the President of Poland in 2020 decided to hold the mail because of the pandemic coronavirus. The Sejm, the lower chamber of the Parliament overcame the veto of the Senate, the upper house, and approved a law that allows to hold presidential elections by absentee ballot. According to the Vice-Prime Minister, now we can talk about a possible date for the vote in June. The law now must be approved by the President Andrzej Duda, who has previously expressed support for this proposal.

Earlier, the leader of the ruling Polish party “Law and justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski and his coalition partner, the leader of the political Association “Agreement,” Jaroslav Gowing stated that the may 10 presidential elections will not take place. According to them, the decision was taken due to the fact that GIKP did not prepare everything needed to conduct a traditional election, and legislation on postal the will was delayed.

According to the latest data, in Poland more than 15 thousand people are infected with the coronavirus. Killed 755 people. Because of the speed distribution in the country introduced a state of emergency, has closed borders to foreigners and decided to send everyone who will enter the Republic on the 14-day quarantine.