marine Genievna, suppose a smoker has decided now, in terms of isolation, to end my bad habit. Who and how can help him?

marine Gambaryan: Now, unfortunately, smokers have no familiar access to the clinic, to a psychologist or doctor who could detail to give you advice, write a prescription for drugs that help to overcome cravings to smoke. So now we recommend you to use remote support and nicotinanilide drugs that are available without a prescription. And if usually suggest abruptly and simultaneously to stop Smoking, now allowed a gradual reduction of the number of cigarettes smoked to people getting used to the idea, and so it was easier to pass this difficult period. But it is justified only when he firmly decided to quit, and all his actions are aimed at this goal. Because by reducing the number of cigarettes he is still dependent and may at any time to return to the previous intensity of Smoking.

it is believed that collectively, to quit Smoking more effectively, because in a group people can support each other, there is an external control, etc. young people Now often replaces personal communication parties via Skype. Could such a meeting be a good form of collective quitting Smoking?

marine Gambaryan: the Collective refusal of harmful habits is a very valuable form of work. This is a kind of psychological support. But it is very important to smokers, particularly young people, used reliable sources of information, for example, recommended by the Ministry of health or the who, and the right promises. But not those that promote electronic means of delivery as a substitute for tobacco Smoking. Because they also have a deadly effect on the lungs, what is disastrous in terms of pandemic COVID-19. This is proved by the data published recently by the Center for control and prevention of diseases (CDC).

what kind Of data is it?

marine Gambaryan: They testify to the fact that it looks like COVID-19 affects young people more often than previously assumed – patients under the age of 45 account for over one third of all cases, and every fifth of them need hospitalization. While statistics are few, but some experts are already saying that the popularity of electronic cigarettes and vaping among them – a factor that may worsen the situation. Approximately every fourth teenager in the US uses electronic cigarettes, the FDA has already announced that phenomenon nationwide epidemic, and the CDC has warned about life threatening disease EVALI – “lung damage caused by the consumption of wapow and electronic cigarettes.” The fact that the electronic SIGAretha contain chemicals such as propylene glycol, glycerin and flavorings. They are able to penetrate deep into lung tissue and damage it. In addition, electronic cigarettes contain high amount of nicotine, which clearly represents a threat to immune and cardiovascular system. And the combination of these agents, and the virus can be deadly.

are there any statistics on the use of electronic cigarettes and their effect on light in our country?

marine Gambaryan: we Have statistics for such injuries, yet, because separate accounting vaping-associated pneumonia is not conducted. And these smokers, fortunately, we have not yet so much. But in the course of monitoring the implementation of the Federal law “On protection of health of citizens from impact of ambient tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption”, we conducted research in 10 regions of Russia, interviewed 11685 people. And showed that in 2019 compared to the 2017 year the use of electronic devices heat tobacco on average has more than doubled and in young adults even more. Overall, the proportion of people who have ever had an electronic device for Smoking, comes to 9%, and among young people is 24 per cent. A regular electronic cigarette use about 2.5-3 percent of the population, and their use is also increasing among younger age groups, although at the same time decreasing Smoking cigarettes.

But it is a significant percentage, for me, unexpected. And in what age groups were surveyed?

marine Gambaryan: the survey involved young people aged 18 to 24 years. Younger group for ethical reasons we did not survey. But if you have been interviewed adolescents from 15 to 18 years, figures have revealed more I’m sure. According to the global survey of Smoking among students 13 and 15 years who in 2016, the share of users of electronic cigarettes in Moscow amounted to 14.5 per cent. Around the country, of course, the percentage is lower, but it is also growing.

is There an understanding of how this can be dealt with?

marine Gambaryan: in addition to legislative measures to restrict Smoking in public places, which are now being implemented and are already yielding a certain result, it is important to convey to all people, especially young people, reliable information about what it threatens to their health. Help them to form the correct, optimistic attitude and firm determination to quit Smoking. Recently in our SMRC therapy and preventive medicine of the Ministry of health created Federal centre for the prevention and control of tobacco consumption. In the circle of his tasks included informing the public, motivation to Smoking cessation, the provision of Advisory support. But most importantly – TVErda determination of the person to stop the consumption of tobacco in any form. Because they are clearly harmful to his health, and now also deadly in pandemic coronavirus.