In Morocco prolonged restrictions due to coronavirus

DOHA, 19 Jul – RIA Novosti. The Moroccan government has extended till may 20 restrictive measures to counter the spread of the coronavirus after a number of cases exceeded 2.6 thousand and 137 people died, said in a joint statement of the ministries of interior and of health of Morocco transmitted the Moroccan Arab press Agency (MAP).

the Moroccan Authorities also ordered people under the threat of a fine to wear medical masks in public places.

the Moroccan Government is paying 1200 dirhams ($120) to those families where the head of the family was out of work due to the effects of the spread of coronavirus. The owners of small businesses are exempt from certain taxes, they are given a delay of payment on the loans.

In turn, the authorities in neighbouring Algeria also decided to extend the restrictive measures to combat the spread of coronavirus for another 10 days, until April 29, the report said the office of the Prime Minister of Algeria. In 47 provinces of the country under curfew in the evening hours, in one of the districts South of the capital available around the clock curfew. According to the latest data, in Algeria revealed more than 2,5 thousand cases of coronavirus, died in 367 people.

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