Sobyanin congratulates Muscovites on Easter and wished them health

MOSCOW, 19 Jul – RIA Novosti. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin congratulates Muscovites with the Resurrection of Christ and wished good health and warmth.

He noted that it is very important to show solidarity, support, doctors, help the elderly, to lend a shoulder to those who were left without work or in some other way affected by the pandemic.

“the Pandemic is a test for humanity that together we will go through following moral values articulated in the commandments of Christ. For Orthodox Christians Easter is one of the most long-awaited holidays, which is preceded by several weeks of strict fasting. That’s why I am particularly sad to ask you these days to refrain from visiting temples, which is called our Patriarch. And at the same time – the closed doors of the temples should not become an obstacle for the light of Easter joy. Because we celebrate the resurrection of the one Who held doors zatvorenii”, – said Sobyanin.

“I Wish you, dear friends, your families and friends good health, warmth, prosperity and all the best,” the mayor said.