In the US held protests to demand the lifting of quarantine

WASHINGTON, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. In the United States on Saturday, a wave of protests, the protesters demand to proceed to a lifting of the quarantine and return to normal life, reports Fox News.

Organized events with the participation of hundreds of Americans were held in Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin.

According to the channel, basically they took part in the electorate of Donald trump. People often wore red caps with inscription “Make America great again!”

Earlier plan was published of the President of the United States on a phased lifting of quarantine measures in the country and the gradual “opening” of the economy. According to the recommendations of the administration, to proceed to the removal of restrictions in three stages, States and municipalities will be able after a period of two weeks will be a fixed reduction in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus.

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