the Authorities of Istanbul has prepared a set of rules governing the use of rented Segways, to somehow limit the uncontrolled and often dangerous behavior of users of these quite speedy and silent vehicles. Very popular Segways purchased during a pandemic coronavirus, as they allow you to quickly move relatively short distances without resorting to the crowded public transport.

meanwhile, Segways quite quickly began to cause dissatisfaction. Pedestrians are afraid of them, because users of these devices tend to maneuver at high speed on the sidewalks. And Istanbul’s taxi drivers are known for their active lifestyle, in July made a noise in the social networks, complaining that the Segways first ride on the roads, creating a dangerous situation and increasing the number of traffic jams, and owners of companies issuing rent Segways do not pay for the license, whereas with taxi licensing authorities take a fee.

Under the new rules, each rolling an electric skateboard should be provided with a unique number, like a car, in the event of a traffic accident could be the culprit. For each device, you should install gauges, warning about the threat of collision, and create a tracking system of the scooters in real time. The rental company will have to obtain a license to operate. In addition, companies will be obliged to teach the use of the scooters. It is also prohibited to use rolling Segways drunk and throw them at the Parking place for vehicles.