So, in St. Petersburg in the first half of 2020, the primary market was committed 49 percent of the total number of transactions. This is the highest rate in the country.

In second place is Moscow, where 45 percent of the total number of transactions fell on buildings. In third place Yakutia (42 percent), the fourth – Krasnodar territory (41%).

Next in the ranking was the Kaliningrad and Ryazan region, where in the primary market, it was concluded 40 percent of transactions. High interest in new housing is fixed in Leningrad region and in the Chuvash Republic (38 percent of transactions), as well as on Sakhalin and Karelia Republic (37 percent).

The modest share of transactions in the primary market was in Chechnya, where among the total number of real estate purchases for new buildings accounted for only six percent. In the Republic of Tyva and the Tomsk region the figure was 8 percent in the Jewish Autonomous region – 13.

it is Worth noting that in most regions recorded growth in the share of deals with new buildings. Analysts attribute this to the program of preferential mortgage, which gives the opportunity to buy an apartment at 6.5 percent per annum.

Practice shows that the leaders of growth in the number of deals on the mortgage are a highly urbanized regions: Moscow, Moscow region and St Petersburg. Here there is a new construction.

from 25 to 20 thousand mortgage transactions were concluded in the Tyumen and Sverdlovsk areas, and also Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. But for new buildings in these regions, which accounted for about 25-30 percent of the total number of transactions.

the fact that in these regions a significant portion of transactions occurs in non-capital cities where the pace of construction is low and the main housing consists of a secondary market.

among the subjects with a small proportion of sales of apartments in new buildings, for example, included some regions of the southern Federal district and North Caucasus. Here, too, has its own specificity in regions with developed private sector and a significant number of citizens is buying individual houses, not apartments in high-rise buildings.