The sound of flushing water in the toilet broke for a telephone hearing in the Supreme court of the United States, reported Wednesday by the associated Press.

The U.S. Supreme court holds for the first time this week in absentia hearing on the phone due to the epidemic of the coronavirus. Also for the first time publicly in absentia are allowed to attend hearings by connecting to the newsgroup.

The characteristic sound was heard during the speech of the lawyer Roman Martinez, who advocated the abolition of the law banning automated advertising calls to cell phones. How many people were on speakerphone at the moment, unknown.

The head of the Federal telecommunications office of the FCC Ajit Pai commented in an ironic way. According to him, the sound poslyshalsya immediately after the mention of his Department lawyer, should not be interpreted as the ratio of the court to the FCC.

The Supreme court has not commented on the incident.