The worst feature of the coronavirus is the lack of effective treatment and the inability to influence the course of the disease. This opinion was expressed by Professor of the medical faculty of the First medical University named after I. M. Sechenov Anton Rodionov.

As a cardiologist, Dr., it can actually each individual to help extend the life. Coronavirus — a disease that cannot be influenced, — quotes the words of the medic RIA Novosti.

Antibiotics prescribed for the treatment of infections, as well as antimalarial and antiviral drugs ineffective. And oxygen, which give patients breathe, is also not a cure. But if the patient was transferred on artificial lung ventilation, then the medics are set up more on bad forecasts.

Earlier reported that infected by coronavirus often there is an unusual symptom that doctors call “happy hypoxia”. In this condition the patient feels well, while his body is in poor condition.