the Idea is at first sight beautiful, but to its implementation there is a question: a website where you can register and before going to the store to get a voucher entitling you to immediate discount, not yet started functioning. However, the Italians missed whatever was on the trips, did not wait for the official launch of the program. They expressed their willingness to pay out of pocket the full amount for “antivirus” vehicle, and then provide the authorities with a cheque and wait for return on investment. The owners of the online and offline shops selling bicycles and Segways can’t believe my eyes: two-wheeled transport sells like “hot cakes”. Some outlets already taking orders for the deep autumn. “This is a real revolution,” says Giuseppe, a salesman from Naples, boasting sales of 15 bikes per day.

to ensure that the home “Fiat”, “Ferrari” car is no longer the main personal means of transportation, enough to walk around Rome or another major Italian city. Peaceful walking in the narrow streets of the Eternal city the pedestrian risks or to face in a head-on with a cyclist, or creeping silently by the owner of the hotel Sommer. The Italian press almost every day gives a summary of the next accidents involving these vehicles. In spite of this, the Metropolitan municipality, it seems, has set an ambitious goal to put on the most fashionable mode of transport period of postpandemic if not all, the greater part of the Romans, having launched the car-share of Segways with the participation of four operators with a fleet of four thousand units. Now they are carelessly scattered around the city.

According to the adviser on transport Pietro Calabrese, the length of dedicated lanes for two-wheeled transport will be increased by 150 kilometers. All is good, but such Napoleonic plans, oddly enough, very unhappy ones for whom in fact started this project. So, for example, residents of coastal Ostia, part of Rome, wrote to the mayor of Virginia Raja for two angry letters with a request to undertake immediate work on the bugs. According to them, bike lanes are dangerous because they are too narrow, have potholes and actually dig into the car Park.