Sakhalin “fought” on the ground “Uspenovskiy”. It was there, according to the scenario of maneuvers, was the rear of the imaginary enemy. The task of the scouts was this: to reveal the location of the “enemy” emplacements, tie a diversionary battle in the rear of the imaginary enemy and thereby to pull on his considerable strength. This operation has ensured the success of the promotion of the main forces.

the Singularity of the exercise was that, perhaps for the first time coordination of intelligence assumed calculations of drones “Orlan-10”.

With a starting weight of 14-18 pounds, this drone can carry a payload of five pounds. Issued folding catapult, he can climb to a height of five thousand meters, fly at speeds up to 170 kilometers per hour and a distance of 120 km in real-time send image to the remote operator. And yet it can simultaneously control up to four other drones, and to organize a local network of 30 operators to manage the payloads at the same time launching drones.

On the ground “three rivers” in the Amur region gathered more than 500 local scouts combined arms army. They were ordered to obtain secret documents. To accomplish this task, the military made secretive marsh, beat the “enemy” positions, escort and divided into groups, infiltrated to the rear of the “enemy”.

the Most intense was the episode of the capture of an enemy staff officer. On one of the field roads scouts organized an ambush and laid on the primer simulator mines. On it-and then blew up the car carrying the officer with secret information.

During the operation, the scouts used the modern AK-12, laser distance meters DM-3 and optical night vision equipment.

the Coordinated action of groups and exchanging classified information using a drone “Tachyon”. I must say that mobile all-weather complex intelligence, control and communication, which includes this drone, not only allows real-time to provide command post with information on the movements of the enemy and its units, but to work as a communications repeater.

In particular, with its help at distance of up to 100 kilometers can be transmitted on a secure channel secret audio and visual information to higher headquarters.