the Mechanism cppb developed in the framework of the national project “international cooperation and exports”. His idea is to provide companies with concessional financing in the form of loans to the development of industries, lending to foreign buyers of Russian products, the provision of factoring and letters of credit. The size of the subsidized interest rate will be 4.5% per annum. Until 2024 to programme cppb plans to spend 7 trillion rubles.

the New rules greatly simplify the procedure for the selection and participation of companies. First, all procedures are migrated to electronic format of the State information system industry (GISP). The selection of companies, conclusion of the agreements with banks and accounts will be posted there.

second, the new document allows you to make changes to the approved programme cppb – to transfer funding from 2019 for other years and change the performance indicators in the case of force majeure. According to Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov, they can be reduced by 20%.

“these innovations make the mechanism more flexible and convenient for exporters. The key factor is the impact of the changes on the final performance indicator implementation of the cppb. If the changes do not affect that, they can be made on the basis of the decision of the Ministry of industry and trade without need for consideration by the interdepartmental Commission,” he said.

the Changes will affect and the time of the qualification – if earlier the date was fixed rigidly, now the Ministry will make the decision about the new selection as needed. The nearest will take place on August 17, said the Minister.

in addition, in order to implement the complex of anti-crisis measures this year, the Ministry has provided for trade financing at 3% interest without agreements on the implementation of cppb.