Death in Minneapolis (Minnesota), African-American George Floyd, who died after detention by the police, provoked the largest in 2016 such unrest in the country. The city sent more than 500 soldiers of the National guard of the United States. It introduced a state of emergency. President Donald trump is sure that the cause is “a complete lack of leadership” in the city and the weakness of the mayor of the “left radical” Jacob Frey. Meanwhile, the Democrats have demanded “justice”. Likely candidate from this party in the presidential election of 2020 Joe Biden said that Americans live in a “country with an open wound.””Something between an angry protest and street party””I can’t stand by and just watch what happens in the great us city of Minneapolis— said Donald trump in his Twitter account.— Complete lack of leadership. Or a weak mayor — the radical left Jacob Frey will take the situation under control, or I’ll send the National guard to do it.”The second message was a clear evidence of the ongoing conflict between the head of the White house and social media. In the night of Friday Moscow time Donald trump has signed a decree designed to end the “bias of social networks.” The goal is to turn social networks are not curators of the published articles, and in a neutral platform. So far, however, this was not possible. Users of the platform shows the warning: “This tweet violates Twitter Rules against the glorification of violence. However, the people at Twitter decided not to close access because it can be a subject of public interest.” Not afraid to read what was written by the President of the United States, will discover that Mr. trump had a conversation with the Governor of Minnesota Tim Waltham and told him that “the military at his disposal”. “In case any difficulties we will take control, but when the looting starts the shooting”,— summed up Donald trump.The reason for riots in Minneapolis resulted in the death of an African-American George Floyd. To widespread Internet video shows how the police knocked the detainee, and one of them leaned a knee on his neck. Despite the complaints of George Floyd that he can’t breathe, the police would not let him. He lost consciousness and died in intensive care, where he was urgently hospitalized. Four police officers involved in the arrest have been dismissed. But no charges are brought against them.This, in particular, angered some local residents. The riots continued for several days. Police use tear gas and stun grenades. Protesters throw stones at them, glass bottleand the squibs.”Hundreds of protesters returned Thursday to the area of Minneapolis, the center of violence, where what was happening was something of a cross between an angry protest and street party. At some point, a musical group playing in the Parking lot opposite 3rd police station — the epicenter of attention of protesters who started to play the punk version of “Songs of redemption” (Redemption song) Bob Marley (with the slogan “free yourself from mental slavery” because “none but ourselves can free our minds.”— “Kommersant”). Near the demonstrators carried the dummies from the looted store Target and throwing them in a burning car. Later next the fire broke out”— describes what is happening to Politico. During a night of unrest have been recorded dozens of arson (including the building of the police Department) and the looting of shops. “They’re just cashing in on us,” said the protester, who introduced himself as the Cache, the publication Politico the motivations of those who smashed shops.Photo: Adam Bettcher, ReutersПротесты spread to other cities. In particular, they were in new York, the Denver (Colorado), Phoenix (AZ), Memphis (tn), Columbus (Oh). And in the city of Saint Paul, located in Minnesota near Minneapolis, the demonstrators also staged pogroms.In the area of unrest was tightened additional forces of law enforcement. “We have deployed more than 500 fighters in Saint Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding areas. Our mission is to protect lives, preserve property and to guarantee the right to demonstrate peacefully,”— said in message on Twitter local national guard units. Meanwhile, the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey has ordered the introduction of state of emergency — as long as 72 hours. As stated in the order, residents and guests of the city are under the threat “of serious injury or death”, and the likelihood of further unrest is that “requires the adoption of extraordinary measures”.”The ugly underbelly of our society”referring to the protesters, Donald trump wrote on Twitter: “These thugs desecrate the memory of George Floyd, and I’m not going to allow that.” The situation in Minneapolis threatens to affect his rating. So, the conflict is already actively commented on the Democrats. In particular, members of the judiciary Committee of the U.S. house of representatives from the Democratic party has written to attorney General William Barr’s letter with a call to find out how local authorities coped with the investigation of three recent high-profile deaths of unarmed African Americans. And de facto leader of the Democratic party, the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi told TV station MSNBC: “It’s very, very sad, because the American people saw this execution, a murder with my own eyes. It was not self-defense (police.— “Kommersant”). Here should prevail rightfiwaste”.”We cannot ignore the fact that we now live in a country with an open wound. This wound is deep and longstanding,” said Joe Biden, which is the most likely contender Donald trump in the presidential election this year— His last words… He (George Floyd.— “B”) begged him to breathe. Said: “Let me breathe I can’t breathe”. It in one second revealed the entire ugly underbelly of our society.” According to Mr. Biden, police detained George Floyd, “should be prosecuted”, including in the framework of an FBI investigation and an independent investigation of the Ministry of justice.In the United States in recent years, there have been several major waves of public protests in connection with the deaths of African Americans at the hands of the police. So, in 2014, the situation has escalated in Ferguson (Missouri), where police shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael brown. The excitement lasted several days, and then resumed with new force, as the Grand jury refused to indict a police officer charges for lack of evidence. The following year, the epicenter of the unrest was the Baltimore (Maryland), where as a result of injuries sustained in connection with the police action, died 26-year-old Freddy gray. Injured about a hundred cops were arrested, more than 200 people. In 2016, the attention was focused on the city of Charlotte (NC). And there, too, the cause of the riots was the killing by police of 43-year-old African-American Keith Lamont Scott. The city was entered the national guard units, was set a curfew. The officer who shot Keith Lamont Scott, also a result was found not guilty.Paul Tarasenko