Together with journalists, prominent media Express were tested and our “brothers” on the front lines – volunteers. Volunteers in one voice say that to know your COVID-status to them is simply vital. Social responsibility for them is not an empty phrase, this is their life, their style of existence. After all, they work with those who the first the government sent to the isolation to protect from illness. Seniors, people with chronic diseases, sick people – all those whose immune system cannot cope with the coronavirus, they now need the help of society. But if society itself is infected? To know the true state of Affairs with his own health now would not hurt.

Igor Mushtaev, 24 years old, activist of the volunteer center “United Russia”, Bryansk

At our activities often have contact with other people: go to the elderly, that is, to those who are at risk. They just need help. Who, if not us? I haven’t tested even once, but really wanted. Sin not to take advantage of this opportunity. This is a difficult time for all of humanity. To pass the tests necessary and important. It would be great if in the country the tests were accessible to all: old, young, to know their status. The company may not fully realize what this terrible disease. But if we know the results of screening the entire population, we will understand how to proceed.

Vladimir Shulga, 51 years old, activist of the volunteer center “United Russia”, Bryansk

every day I think about social responsibility – this is my, shall we say, good will. You should always be prepared for the fact that you will need to do what I say, whether you like it or not. I want to be fruitful, as many benefits to bring. We – the volunteers – a link with the outside world for people who now are limited in movement and opportunities because of their age or health status. We try to follow all the precautions, after all we are in the clinics. Testing gives me confidence that I pose no threat. Just today I spoke with dozens of people, they have a weak immune system. For example, one grandmother (apparently tired of sitting at home) wanted me to go to the clinic, at least sit in the car. Retired very touching, in any case we have no right to hurt them.

Alexander Subochev, 18 years old, activist of the volunteer center “United Russia”, Bryansk

I imagined that they would take blood. We often go to applications, I understand that I’m fine. I am very interested in the result, because the food and medicine we pass people. The fear always remains. I am afraid that I have found the virus. I have a young aboutorganism, but still I would not want to subject him to torture. I have read that is the disease, some of the stories cause fear.

Evgeny Novikov, 31 years old, activist of the volunteer center “United Russia”, Bryansk

I am Very glad my result was negative. Prior to that, had different thoughts: bad and good. I am not a vector, not a threat to the public, and it pleases. Express test is a quick, painless, but the information he gives, it is difficult to overestimate. It is important to understand a carrier or not, in order to protect loved ones. The disease progresses differently in different people – as difficult and easy. The more volunteers – strong and young, they may not notice that you were over. They are constantly in contact with people, and it may not be safe. I believe that volunteers, Yes all, be sure to do the test. This is the situation in the country, the region, you need to know about yourself more.

Kateryna Shcherba, 29 years old, activist of the volunteer center “United Russia”, Bryansk

Emotions are running high! We set ourselves the goal – to help. Our main goal is to make our people stay healthy. And today’s testing, I hope, we will show that we bring only positive energy. We worried about loved ones. I have a small child at home now. But, of course, for those who are at risk. Cancer patients, diabetics — we are constantly helping them. We can not to hurt them. For example, we were approached by a woman with a disabled child. Our guys helped to pull his arms from the 5th floor. There is no social distance can not be, there is a direct contact, without it just does. In such cases it is particularly important to be healthy. The test is a proof that we can continue. Peace for my loved ones and yourself. I would advise to take it, it is great protects the nervous system. Even 10 minutes is enough to worry about in anticipation, but it’s good that it’s still not long.

Alexander Leer, 36 years old, activist of the volunteer center “United Russia”, Krasnogorsk

I run a school of drums and I have about 150 young students starting from 3 years. I, of course, observe all precautions, but better safe. I try not to think about the bad. Volunteers are a big family, and we need to know everything about each other. We decompose the products, standing nearby, are very close to each other. The consequences can be dire, and when you just know you will have time to take medicine and be cured. I have long been a donor, however, the blood taken from a vein usually and not, as here, from the finger. By the way, we did tests, but they show only: if you’re sick at the moment. This screening in more detail. Cool.

Michael Ivanov, 33 years old, activist of the volunteer center “United Russia”, Krasnogorsk

I learned that I have immunity. There are antibodies to Koidu, means that the body is already beat. To others I pose no threat. You can go without a mask and gloves, but I don’t want to set a bad example. On the contrary, want to make nice and donate plasma. Without the test I wouldn’t know about this, but my plasma can save a few people. Overall, it is important for us health, after we helped, we come back to the family. 70% of people are asymptomatic, so it is better to know two weeks to sit and not to let the infection further. Every citizen should get tested to understand is it danger or not. We all go to the same stores. I would even punish those who are not socially responsible. Why should I suffer from the fact that someone was negligent to their health?

Anastasia Yaremchenko, 37 years old, activist of the volunteer center “United Russia”, Krasnogorsk

I think that should do it. We are the adults that were responsible not only for themselves but also for others. I was more afraid of the injection. Though gave birth twice, and all as a child, but then everything went smoothly. The state after the test is friendly and easy. It is a good check our humanness, how we treat each other. And a test of awareness and consciousness. You need to understand that around children, around older. We need a responsible approach to testing, to isolation, quarantine – then we will quickly come out of the pandemic. This respect for someone.

Tatyana Chernova, 56 years old, activist of the volunteer center “United Russia”, Krasnogorsk

I not only volunteer, but also a journalist. We never for one day did not stop working, worked, including in hospitals. For example, in our infectious diseases hospital last week, we children were given a small red bear as a symbol of victory over the virus. By the way, that we have the symbol of the city. Masks, gloves, distance: our objective is to let people know why it’s important. The coronavirus exist, it’s not fake, and he’s dangerous. We often ask people what they would say to someone who is not wearing a mask, and then publishing the answers. This information should be available. And, of course, it’s important for me to know whether I was a threat to others.

During the pandemic, the volunteers went through several dozen different tests. From the earliest days in the region started the study on the health of volunteers, but unfortunately, until now only few of them knew the details.

Photo: Vladimir Toporovskaya