Short animated film about coronavirus released in China, it ridiculed the actions of the US authorities. The movie “there once was a virus” (Once upon a virus…) published by the Chinese Xinhua news Agency.

In the cartoon talking to the two figures in the style of LEGO — Chinese terracotta warrior and statue of Liberty. In January, the warrior statue warns about a new virus, but she says that it is just a cold.

Then the soldier talks about the construction of hospitals, isolation of cities, the burden on the healthcare system, and in response, the statue calls China “a typical third world”. Later, the statue of Liberty accuses China in that information about the virus was hiding.

“We are always right, even and contradict themselves,” — said the symbol of the United States.

As REGNUM reported earlier, US President, Donald trump threatened to impose against China additional fees for allegedly concealing the Beijing information about the coronavirus.