Infectious disease specialists at the University of Minnesota has developed three possible scenarios for the development of the situation with coronavirus in the world. None of them is optimistic.

Under the first scenario, the coronavirus is accompanied by a series of repetitive waves that will occur in the summer for 1-2 years. The appearance of the waves can vary geographically and depend on the actions undertaken.

The second scenario assumes the second big wave of the disease after the first. It is expected in the fall or winter 2020 and require recovery measures to mitigate effects of the epidemic.

The third scenario describes a “slow burning” of the ongoing transmission, but without the waves of diseases. This scenario was not seen in other flu pandemics in the world, but likely in the case of coronavirus.

As previously wrote the script of the spread of coronavirus infections in Italy, most likely, will not be repeated in Russia. This was stated by the chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka in New Moscow Denis Protsenko.