Official Beijing called slander charges in the address, after the statements of the United States in the attempted theft by Chinese hackers of research systems. China itself is afraid that the West will make a hacker attack on their system.

The authorities of China declare that I have never participated in cyber attacks. Earlier, the Chinese accused the U.S. justice Department. It was said that Chinese hackers attacked the medical information system with the purpose of stealing results of a study of coronavirus.

“In recent years, the so-called sources from the US government accuses China of hacking to steal technology and data American studies of vaccines, but no proof of this”, — said the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China Wang Wenbin.

He called the accusations pure slander and explained why Beijing makes no sense to steal anything: “As we have repeatedly said, China leads the world in research and development of vaccines COVID-19. We don’t need to move forward with the theft, and we never did”.

According to van Verbena, Beijing, in turn, itself concerned about the potential hacking attacks from foreign entities trying to steal their data.