It is necessary to take measures to reduce the income gap between billionaires and ordinary Americans, said the President of the United States Donald trump.

He commented on the message of Business Insider, according to which on the background of the spread of coronavirus “40 million Americans filed applications for unemployment benefits”, and “net value of the assets of the billionaires increased by half a trillion dollars.”

Trump said that “I agree with that.” He acknowledged that the “difference in income” now “too big”. He said, “changes need to be made in the near future”, reports TASS.

Non-governmental organization Institute for Policy Studies writes that many U.S. residents are facing serious financial difficulties in connection with the coronavirus. Since the beginning of 2020 to April “condition 34 of the 170 richest U.S. billionaires increased by tens of millions of dollars”.

Recall, trump promised the coming of the “Golden century” for the United States.