A Belarusian activist Andrei Ivanov proposed to hold a joint referendum on establishing the Union of the Fatherland. The announcement came on the backdrop of the presidential campaign and arrests of oppositionists and ordinary citizens.

Belarusian Patriotic forces took the decision to initiate a referendum for the speedy re-establishment of a single Union of the Fatherland. Because it is a swing on a swing: it is necessary, it is not necessary, people want — people do not want. We have to show that the people want. Lukashenko in Sochi said: “President Putin is ready, what people?”. So let will carry out this work! Let’s create homeland efforts of the people, — suggested by Ivanov in the air youtube channel Zasuverenitet.

Ivanov also expressed the desire that in Russia also there was an initiative group of fans of the first “all-Union referendum”.

February 14, 2020, at the talks in Sochi with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said Russian leader Vladimir Putin that the Belarusian and Russian people will never support the unification of their countries into one state. A few months earlier, Lukashenko said that Belarus does not intend to join the Russian Federation.

18 July 2019, the Belarusian leader invited Putin to resolve all controversial issues and to prepare a programme of action for the integration of the States until December 8, 2019 for the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Union Treaty.

The Union state is a supranational education with the purpose of gradually creating a common political, economic, military, legal and cultural space. During the recent negotiations, Russia put forward a proposal on the establishment of 12 national bodies. This list includes common customs body, court of the Union state, the chamber, a single emission center, which implies the creation of a common currency, and not only. Russia also proposed the establishment of a uniform tax and antitrust authorities and regulators in the field of transport, industry, agriculture, communications, plus the controller of the combined markets of gas, oil and electricity.

Elections for President and arrests

Presidential elections in Belarus will be held on 9 August. The current leader of the country would participate in them, running for the sixth time in a row (the limit on the number of terms was removed from the Constitution in the referendum of 2004).

The main rival of Lukashenka in the upcoming elections Victor Babariko detained on June 18 and put in jail. On 20 June the policy was charged in the case of Belgazprombank.

Babariko more than 20 years as head of the BGB (at 49,818% of its shares belong to the Russian “Gazprom” and Gazprombank). He retired from the credit institution on the eve of elections. Detectives believe that for Babariko stood some “Russian puppeteers”, resulting in more than $430 million was illegally withdrawn from the account of BGB in the Bank of Latvia for several years.

The detention alternative candidate for the presidency sparked a wave of protests across the country. Four days of demonstrations, security forces detained more than 360 people. Against this backdrop, Lukashenka said that the authorities managed to thwart the plan of destabilizing the situation in the country ahead of the elections. The Belarusian President stressed that “the puppeteers were ripped off the mask,” but did not specify who exactly has in mind.

However, according to political analysts, the main competitor to Lukashenko beneficial to the Kremlin, wrote