The mayor of the Ukrainian city of Konotop, located in Sumy region on the border with Russia, Artem Semenikhin burned the flag of Russia before the Russian diplomatic mission in Kiev. The corresponding video is the official unveiled in Facebook.

"Are under the Embassy of the "occupation". I’m doing the response Bit of the Sharii (Ukrainian blogger living in the Netherlands – approx. TASS), which was recently released about me on the video, where as if expose me to something. I watched this video and realized that my greatest sin is that I once burned a Russian flag when I was in the ATO (the military operation in the Donbass – approx. TASS)," explained Semenikhin their actions on video.

Then under sounds of the anthem of Ukraine, the mayor of Konotop burned a Russian flag. The record shows that Semenikhin staged a rally from across the street from the Russian Embassy. In addition, he comments to the posted video, wrote threats towards the President of Russia.

The Russian Embassy in Kiev on the request of the correspondent of TASS, the situation is not commented.

Semenikhin is known for his anti-Russian views. January 5, the mayor of the Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsinko said that he had consulted with konotopskiy colleague, and together they decided to set 70 km from the border with Russia, the monument to the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN banned in Russia), Stepan Bandera.

Blogger Anatoly Shary 2014 criticizes the policies of the Ukrainian authorities. In 2019 he was trying to lead the party in its own name in the Ukrainian Parliament, however, the CEC rejected his registration because he has not lived continuously the last five years in Ukraine, which is required by law. Shary lives in the Netherlands, where he received political refugee status. In 2019 the Dutch Ministry of justice refused to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s office to issue Sharia, when he was wanted at home in two criminal cases. In April of this year he was excluded from the list of wanted persons in Ukraine.