Belarus has overtaken Ukraine for the number of people infected with coronavirus. According to the latest data, the country infected 4204, reports “Nasha Niva” with reference to data of the Belarusian Ministry of health.

the day of Belarus was identified 476 infected. Currently, 65 patients need the support of the ventilator. Died 40 infected people who had chronic diseases. In total, the country spent 81 246 tests.

meanwhile in Ukraine, according to information on April 16, 4161 identified case of infection with coronavirus, reports 116 patients died, 186 recovered. Over the past day were reported 397 new cases. Among the regions in number of cases of lead Chernivtsi oblast (662) and Kiev (644 patients).

Earlier the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko called the situation with coronavirus pandemic of psychosis. In the Republic are not introduced quarantine measures. The head of state assured that the authorities are fighting the epidemic “without noise and a dust”. With tens of thousands of Belarusians have signed a petition to the world health organization with the requirement to enter the country in quarantine.