near the village of Lugansk occurred on the second day of the exchange of prisoners. This time between Kiev and Lugansk. And while it was a mini-sensation. LC received a total of four “detained persons” of the promised eight – one of the prisoners refused to go to Lugansk in prison, three decided not to cross the line right at the time of verification before the exchange. In the opposite direction went 11 people. Surprisingly, the exchange is not broken.

the self-proclaimed republics received a total of 13 people, gave 21 – of such proportions “in favor of Kiev” has not happened. True Lugansk during the exchange was supposed to receive two Russian citizens. Head of the working group LC for the exchange of prisoners of war Olga Kobzeva reported that the voluntary consent of the Russians to be transferred to the self-proclaimed republics personally in the Ukrainian prison assured the Russian Consul.

In this exchange of deep shade imposed a coronavirus. All Luhansk, according to the same Kobzeva, go to the 14-day observation Slavyanoserbsk in the hospital. The exchange took place in masks, and the international Red Cross could not because of the epidemic to the detainees in advance. In international Affairs has launched a separate tent in the area of the exchange where they are “confidential” with all the anti-epidemic precautions talk to each and assured of the identity of prisoners. Apparently, these same figures in Kiev will become a secret and solemn meeting with Vladimir Zelensky yet be expected.

For example, the Ukrainian Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova in his telegram channel published a photo exchanged under Gorlovka, then deleted it and posted again with the already painted faces jumping to the side of Kiev. All the prisoners with the Ukrainian side also sent to 14 days in quarantine in hospital, the names of which the Ukrainian side is not called.

Vladimir Zelensky about the stock recorded a video in which he vowed to fight “until every Ukrainian will not turn home.” Perhaps the President wants to relocate to the territory under the control of all holders of Ukrainian passports, which will Express desire to leave the place of conclusion of the DNI and the LC.

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