the Us space command, created on the initiative of Donald trump last year, hastened to declare to the world, not for nothing is eating bread and spends taxpayers ‘ money. They allegedly spotted the April 15 launch of new Russian missiles. Moreover, according to the report of the American General, new Russian weapons could threaten U.S. satellites in low orbit. “MK” asked the expert, how substantiated are the claims of Americans.

About the test missile, the U.S. announced the Cosmic commander of US forces General John Raymond. According to him, the tested anti-satellite missile direct interception (DA-ASAT). In this regard, increasing the threat to us space systems and systems of the allies.

While official reports from the Russian defense Ministry yet.

Even if you really like this start, was surprised for an American General should not have. Russian defense Ministry has repeatedly stated that modernizing our missile defense system, which covers the capital region. Now solves this problem with the ballistic missile defence system A-135 with hypersonic missiles. But soon to replace him will come the complex A-235 with even faster and more powerful rocket “Nudol”. “MK” wrote about this wonderful weapon ( ).

Created and other means of protection, and also wrote about it “MK”. For example, the latest anti-aircraft missile system s-500 “Prometheus” will also be able to reach near-earth orbit.

Reported the defense Ministry and about why it took the upgrade of this system and giving it a new quality – ability to shoot down spacecraft in low orbit. The fact that the United States in 2002, unilaterally withdrew from the prisoner in the days of the Soviet Union the ABM Treaty. Russia was asked not to do, but her opinion of the United States, to put it mildly, not taken into account.

moreover, Washington stubbornly refuses proposals of Russia and China to conclude an agreement prohibiting the introduction of space strike weapons. The can in advance to orbit, and then at any time use for its intended purpose. Such work in the United States is in full swing. It allocate money.

What can we do? Of course, to defend his safety by any possible means. So says a member of the High Council of a “Strong Russia,” the FSB General Alexander Mikhailov.

-We are testing their rockets in order to shoot down civilian satellites, – said Alexander Mikhailov. – Let US first deal with their own systems for conducting space wars, and then make some statements. And in this case we proceed from the fact that the US are actively working on system shock troops in orbit, and, therefore, we need to have a system againstraketnoj defense.

According to the expert, all of our actions are reactive and arise from policy actions of the United States.

-We really don’t want to spend a lot of money on the development of different weapons systems, but they are very expensive. If we do something, we do it only because we are so compelled by circumstances, the expert said. I can’t say whether the start really. Taken for testing anti-missile systems can be anything you want. But I believe that we should have the kind of weapons that will counteract the shock group of the United States”.