Law enforcement officers of Belarus beat journalists of Russian publications. Reported by the Daily Storm.

Yesterday, as reported by “the Rambler”, in Belarus presidential elections were held. According to the preliminary voting results, incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko scored 80,23% of the vote. After voting in Minsk began to protest. In the course of it between its members and riot police and internal troops clashed.

“security forces used violence against journalists”, — said the night Daily Storm.

The writer Anton Starkov and Dmitry Lisenko covered the protests and was detained by law enforcement officers. During the detention, the journalists did not resist, but were beaten with batons.

Law enforcement officers put them in a paddy wagon. There was already the author of the telegram channel WarGonzo semen Pegov. Starks and Lasenko has not received serious injuries, but said that correspondent of “Medusa” Maxim Solopov received, he was very badly beaten.