The size of ice liner is 400 feet.

Users of the Network, 100 miles off the coast of Antarctica has discovered an object similar to a giant ship. Mysterious ice the size of the vessel is 400 feet. According to Daily Mail, the ship was found one of the users of Google Earth.

“I observe everything, from the seabed to space,” explained the man.

On the published pictures you can see a block of ice, which is like a huge cruise liner.

“At first glance you might think that this is the iceberg, but if you look closely, you understand – it’s “vessel” was built specially,” said the man.

Users of social networks had different opinions on what it could be. Some wrote that the ship on the continent forgot the Nazis. Others believe that the vessel is built for the rich people to evacuate in the event of a global catastrophe.

“a Couple of years ago I was told that somewhere there are ships built to save the rich and powerful, when in the Canary Islands, will occur a great earthquake,” wrote people.

Another group believes that the ship belonged to one of the ancient civilizations. But where exactly did this ship actually is, remains a mystery.