Apple refused on the request of the U.S. government to grant access to their devices on an ongoing basis. The company noted that they are ready to cooperate, but only within the framework of individual investigations. This is with reference to Apple reports the portal the Verge.

“you can’t leave the backdoor only the good guys. Americans should not have to choose between bad data encryption and qualitative investigation of crimes,” said Apple. In addition, the company announced that it is ready to cooperate with the FBI regarding the shooting incident at a military base in Pensacola.

U.S. attorney General and the FBI Director Christopher ray was extremely disappointed by the announcement made by Apple about what was said at a special press conference. “Thanks to the excellent work of the FBI – and not thanks to Apple we were able to unlock smartphones Alshamrani – said Barr. The attorney General noted that it took “months of hard work” and “huge sums of American taxpayers” to get into the device.