As noted by the mayor Anatoly Elbow, in front of city hall of Novosibirsk was given the task – in the shortest possible time to build access roads to the new facility, which was erected for the reception and treatment of patients with coronavirus infection.

As reported by experts of the city hall, formally the site of repair of the road was, but was in very poor condition. The fact that part of the territory of the former military camp handed over to the municipality not long ago.

– the solution of the problem joined several levels of power: the organization of all this work fell on the municipality, in particular the Department of road construction, and financial support was provided by the government of the Novosibirsk region. The district administration provided the landscaping – here was the rubble of old trees and debris. All of this is taken out, – told Anatoly Lokot, who personally appreciated the quality of work performed.

According to head of mku “Management of road building” Yuri Demin, from receipt of command to start the repair and before putting this stretch was held for four days.

the section length of 690 meters was divided into two stages. The first – from the street Boris Bogatkova to the house №6 on the street Military. Not here it required major reconstruction, so the builders have laid one layer of asphalt. Further, from house number 6 to the entrance of the military hospital – in fact the road was not, therefore, had to spend the whole complex of works, including the rebuilding of road base, laying two layers of asphalt, reconstruction of curbs, markings. The total volume of financing amounted to 5.5 million rubles.

the Mayor Anatoly Elbow noted that the construction of road infrastructure is an extremely important factor for the development of the former military camp.

– This area is considered as a promising platform for development of Novosibirsk. In the future we plan to arrange passage between the Military and Basil Starowka. The latter was restored in 2017 – right after it was transferred to the jurisdiction of the municipality, – the mayor reported.