“the documents Acceptance on the first course for foreign citizens begins from June 15, 2020, – said the rector of Moscow state University. Lomonosov academician Victor Sadovnichy. His words are quoted by the press service of the University. – All entrance tests are exclusively in distance format.

read More about the rules of admission to Moscow state University guys from abroad will be able to find out may 31. On this day at MSU will host a virtual open Day for foreign students. Visitors will be able to remotely connect to the broadcast at the appointed time. What awaits them? Traditional lecture of the rector Viktor Sadovnichy will tell about the history, present and future of the Moscow University. Deans and representatives of the admissions committees of the faculties will answer questions about the specifics of the reception of foreigners in real time.

the Virtual open Day will take place at a special site and at once in several languages – Russian, English and Chinese. Students will be able to see the inside of science labs, academic buildings, sports facilities and reading halls of the libraries of Moscow state University. All – in panorama modes.

the press service of the Moscow University said that today at MSU, excluding branches, has about 8 thousand foreign students. And every year them becomes more. The first course in 2019 came about 2700 foreign citizens. In 2020, about 3,000 new students.

Today, at MSU students from 75 countries. About one third were citizens of CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Belarus), approximately half the residents of the Asian region (China, Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan).

– the documents acceptance on the first course for bachelor, specialist and master programs starts from June 15, 2020;

– acceptance of documents will take place remotely;

– during the first year of study must be submitted to MSU the original documents;

– date of entrance examinations will be posted on the website of the Central admission Committee MSU no later than June 1;

– all entrance tests will be conducted in distance learning format in several waves – the formation of groups, starting from 16 June.