the Main task at the present stage of development of the country Vladimir Andreichenko, the speaker of the lower chamber of the Belarusian Parliament, called the “preservation of the achievements of the people over the past quarter of a century, ensuring peace, justice and the evolutionary path of development”. About the MP said on June 30, concluding the regular session of the house of representatives.

Addressing his colleagues, he stressed that the independence and well-being are achieved through hard work, balanced foreign policy, the unity of the nation. The speaker drew attention to the need to continue monitoring the socio-economic situation in the regions of the country. “The focus should be financial position of the enterprises, preservation of workplaces and workers, timely payment of salaries, pensions and allowances. Require special care for the most vulnerable population – the elderly, the disabled, families with children and, of course, the doctors that remain at the forefront of the fight against the virus,” – said the MP.

He informed the MPs that next week will be the 58th session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia. The main priorities, in his words, “for the MPs remain the equality of rights of citizens and businesses, defending national interests within the Union building.”

the Speaker also touched on the issues of inter-parliamentary activities in General, noting that despite the restrictions imposed in the world in pandemic, it has kept its positive momentum. For the first time online, he said, there were meetings of the standing committees and the Council of the CSTO parliamentary Assembly. The participants discussed the strategy system of cooperation to ensure security in the region and reaffirmed their determination to resist attempts to falsify history and revise the outcome of world war II.

Touching upon the upcoming presidential elections scheduled in the Republic of Belarus of August 9, Andreychenko noted that electoral campaign always accompanied by increased social activism and politicization of public life. Unfortunately, in his opinion, in the country, “certain forces every time you try to use campaign not for the good of the country and to destabilize the sociopolitical situation.”

In this regard, the speaker gave to understand that elected representatives should work more actively with civil society, “to listen to all opinions and patiently, without emotion to explain what is behind the irresponsible populist statements and what really need to do to ensure the country’s sovereignty, social stability and health of citizens”.

He urged members to make every effort to hold the elections fairly, openly, in a relaxed atmosphere and strictly conforms tocompliance with national legislation.

the Belarusian people, says andriychenko, “have the wisdom to pass this political campaign to keep Belarus as a state, confidently implementing their own development path”.