the Law consists of six parts and 66 articles.

As stated by a member of the all-China Assembly of people’s representatives (Parliament) tan Aison, in the new security act provides for prosecution for actions committed before the enactment of the law and its entry into force, that is, the document is retroactive. The maximum penalty for a violation of the law – life imprisonment.

the Hong Kong Police released a statement that can be interpreted in many meanings. In it she promised “to do everything to implement the law clearly and professionally to ensure the interests of Hong Kong and to protect the national security.”

the policies of Hong Kong Liang Jenin, who led a special administrative region in 2012-2017, said that anyone who provided information about violators of the new law, even if those people have already left Hong Kong and can expect a reward of 1 million Hong Kong dollars (129 thousand U.S. dollars).

Joshua Wong, leader of the Umbrella movement of 2014 and a prominent activist from Hong Kong, has announced his retirement from political organization Demosisto in which he is a co-founder.

Also, the movement left his companions Nathan Lowe and Agnes Chow. Soon after, the organization Demosisto announced the dissolution. A political movement Studentlocalism also advocated the independence of Hong Kong announced that it would stop activities in the SAR.

meanwhile, on the streets of Hong Kong under the banner of the PRC were supporters of the national security act, they marched through the main streets with banners and champagne.

Monitor the implementation of the new law is a special body created by Beijing. Expected to be severely limited any activity which the Chinese authorities deemed “separatist and terrorist aiming at undermining state authority.” In addition, the penalty for those suspected of having links with foreign powers – they can incriminate article “conspiracy with foreign States, or abroad, with the aim to compromise national security.”