the money came through the Ministry of education, said the Deputy head of Rostrud Denis Vasiliev, speaking on the round table of the “Manage qualifications – modeling the future” in the framework of the International forum of the Russian business Week.

“it is important to link training with systems verification of qualifications, – said Denis Vasiliev. – You can’t teach what will not be in demand by the labour market”.

Also to help early career young professionals called generated rostruda marketplace to bring together universities and colleges, students and employers, said Vasilyev. The launch of such a platform is planned for this year. The main goal is to smooth over the situation in those areas where the main problems of employment arise because of the lack of experience of the applicants.

in addition, Fes proposes to introduce a system of microstates professional qualifications that students can obtain in the course of the development of educational programs. This system can also be organized in the framework of independent assessment of qualifications, says Vasiliev, thanks to its introduction of job search applicant and employee the employer can be much simpler because it will be clear what specific knowledge and skills of the applicant.