American toilets in public places have become a real stumbling block for the removal of the regime of self-isolation. People are afraid that they will be able to be infected with coronavirus in close and dirty booths, so in principle refuse to visit cafes and cinemas. About it writes The Washington Post.

President of the American Association of toilets Steven Soifer notes that Americans have always been afraid of public restrooms.

“In this country, the toilets are usually open — no lids. And washouts under high pressure into a multitude of spray, which spread almost two meters”, — he said.

Recent studies have shown that microbridge can persist in the air for at least eight minutes, and this greatly increases the risk of Contracting coronavirus.

Therefore, the owners of the establishments, shopping malls and cinemas had to take special measures, so that visitors came to him. So, in one of the Texas restaurants appeared “toilet observer” — it ensures that citizens keep a distance in the queue. In Florida in the shopping center set sinks with motion sensors and hand dryers, especially to wash them before and after the door is opened.

The trend for the whole country — the replacement of the dryers on the paper towels, automatic doors, and a decrease in the number of sinks and urinals to maintain distance. Measures are expensive, for example, complete conversion of one toilet can cost 25 thousand dollars (1.8 million rubles).

“But we do not expect any return to normal until the vaccines. In recent weeks we have all been taught to cross the street when we see other people on the sidewalk. It’s just become a reflex for us,” said the owner of one of the Breweries.