Central Bank of Venezuela has filed a lawsuit in a London court against the Bank of England to secure the return of stored gold bars at 930 million euros, reports Reuters, citing a document submitted to the court.

The Central Bank of Venezuela stated that the funds from the sale of ingots will be used to purchase medical equipment, medicines and food products in the framework of the “emergency COVID-19” in the Republic, RIA “Novosti”.

“from the wire of the Bank of England will seriously hamper the efforts of Venezuela and the UN to overcome the coronavirus in the country”, – said the lawyer, Sarosh Zaiwalla that represent Central Bank of Venezuela in court.

The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Venezuela has reached 618, 10 people died.

We will remind, in January the Bank of England refused Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who wanted to return owned by the Bolivarian Republic gold. It was reported that this decision was taken due to pressure from the United States.

Russia accused the United States and Britain in the robbery of the Bolivarian Republic of 30 billion dollars.