The next type of coronavirus can be transmitted to humans in the next 10 years, does not exclude the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education and science Gennady Onishchenko.

“it is Unlikely that coronavirus each year we were given new population”, – reports TASS the words Onishchenko.

Previous outbreaks of coronavirus infections occurred in 2002 (SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome, also known as atypical pneumonia) and in 2012 (MERS, middle East respiratory syndrome).

“After 2002 it has been 10 years, after 2012, we assume, 8 years old, here is a sample cycle. Maybe sooner (than 8-10 years a new type of coronavirus) is coming,” admitted he.

The academician expressed hope that the outcome of the current pandemic will be the formation of sufficient population immunity to prevent further widespread this particular coronavirus.

“there May be isolated cases that’s what is happening in China, they are now in several provinces, some steps back. The virus will circulate, but it will not be so aggressive, because those who acquired immunity – they will have it to exist,” – said Onishchenko.

According to him, in every autumn, the rise in the incidence of influenza and acute respiratory diseases circulates up to 200 different viruses with airborne transmission mechanism.

“Therefore it will be (coronavirus causing Covid-19) one of them,” – concluded Onishchenko.

In recent days in Russia revealed 9263 new cases of coronavirus in 83 regions”, while “of these, 43.1 per cent had no clinical manifestations of the disease”. In addition, it recorded 115 deaths, have written 5 thousand 921 people. Monday, may 18, in Russia revealed 8 926 thousand new patients with the coronavirus in 81 region.

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