Zelensky said about trying to collapse public Servants

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky suggested that the Verkhovna Rada “too many sharks” who want to “sink” formed by a faction of “servant of the people” a majority in the Ukrainian Parliament.

“Everyone wants this ship (“servant of the people”)… drowned In the ocean, in the Parliament a lot of sharks, a lot of people… want to negotiate with this team”, – quotes the words Zelensky TASS.

In his opinion, “the Servant of the people” want “to sink”, because fraction able to “very quickly change the country” at the legislative level, in particular, such a number of bills that took a fraction over a short period of time, in the history of Ukraine. While Zelensky believes that the fate of the faction depends on each MP.

“If they want to go forward, even in a storm, they will go,” said Zelensky, the TV channel “Ukraine”.

Part of the “public Servant” includes 248 members, which allows it to independently make any decisions, except the constitutional, which should cast a vote of three-fourths of the 450 parliamentary deputies.