Create a prototype of a complex for covert screening of people

MOSCOW, 18 Jul – RIA Novosti. The prototype of the new complex, which allows you to secretly and without stopping to watch people, scheduled to open in 2021, said RIA Novosti Deputy General Director of JSC “RTI” in the reconnaissance-information systems Kirill Makarov.

He added that the Institute has received technical requirements from customers. “Interested in the acquisition are recorded on the early sales of property inspection, despite the fact that the final prototype has not yet been created. Customers realize that the main advantages that distinguish us from our competitors in the world is unceasing and secret inspection. Now it is not implemented anywhere. Except that Israel has something similar, but low resolution, with whom they are working does not allow to use neural network for recognition of objects”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

Speaking of base, Makarov announced that it is 85-90 percent domestic. “In the short term domestic developers would be willing to provide comparable technical characteristics analogues of foreign components”, – said Deputy General Director of RTI.

with regard to the effects of radiation on humans, Kirill Makarov noted that the complex based on non-ionizing radiation. “Terahertz radiation is non-ionizing, it is safe for humans. There are relevant standards of emission, and our complex fits into these standards with a margin five times. Currently, the emitter, which will work over long distances and with less power,” said he.

According to Makarov, while we are talking about a 10-meter corridor, which will comprise three zones of inspection. “Passing through these zones, people will be remotely inspected, and the neural network will be able to determine what a person carries with him and where he is hiding,” concluded the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier in RTI reported that you have already created a sample inspection system that demonstrates the fundamental functions and features of the complex secretive detection of dangerous objects (e.g. weapons) and prohibited substances.

Through the use of two frequency bands of the complex will be determined with high resolution and to distinguish between the types of potentially hazardous objects using machine learning. In RTI noted that the properties of the waves help you to secretly place the equipment for the radio waves by the walls of the corridors.

According to the developers, the technology used will be able to determine reliably the coordinates of potentially dangerous objects, their views of the radio under clothing, to identify illegal substances. The company stressed that the screening process used is non-ionizing, in contrast to currently used detection systems that use x-ray radiation.