Americans do not get tired to surprise the world with a variety of new military equipment. But is it the best, how about telling the US government is a big question. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, commenting on the recent statement of the head of the White house.

Earlier, Donald trump announced that the United States “have such [weapons], what even nobody can’t”. In particular, he cited the example of a missile that “17 times faster than any other fast missile,” and therefore “it is extremely hard to spot”.

– the Fact that they have “something no one even thought possible,” is a fact. I never cease to be surprised literally every day, – Zakharov wrote in his Facebook.

And added, “speed is cool,” but “still hit the target”.

– we remember what became of “beautiful, new and smart missiles” in 2018, – it was poironizirovat.

Note that Zakharov mentioned the events of 2018 in Syria, when modern American rockets could not overcome the Soviet air defense system.