MPs, the conservatives Pierre Polievre and Michael Barrett stated that we are talking about a recently terminated the contract of the government with the charity organization WE are a Charity after it was revealed that two members of the family of Justin Trudeau paid for performances in the organization. Poiler said that Trudeau was “acting like a dictator and paying your friends,” said the canadian edition of Global News.

WE Charity was chosen by the Federal government to operate the program at $ 900 million, designed for students and recent graduates who have volunteered to participate this summer in the “Grant Canadian student services” in the framework of efforts to combat the pandemic coronavirus. Federal officials said the grant for payment of student services provides for the payment to students of $ 1,000 to cover the cost of their schooling for every 100 hours volunteers. The agreement caused a great public outcry after it became known about the relations of the mother of the Prime Minister, his wife and brother with the organization WE.

the government and the Charity WE canceled the transaction on 3 July, the same day the Federal service for ethics has announced that it will investigate what broke is PM rules of the conflict of interests in this matter. According to the Guardian, a charitable organisation WE are a Charity that received a multimillion-dollar state contract, paid to the mother and brother of the Prime Minister hundreds of thousands of dollars. Pierre Polievre and Michael Barrett said they believe that the payment of these “fees” to the family members of Justin Trudeau raises the issue to a potentially criminal level and is of “sufficient grounds for further investigations by the police.”

meanwhile, in the Charity organization WE confirmed that the mother of the Prime Minister, Margaret Trudeau paid a total of 312 000 dollars per speech on the 28 measures WE in the period from 2016 to 2020. His brother, Alexander Trudeau paid $ 40,000 for eight events in the 2017-2018 school year. The structure of the organization WE includes the charitable organization and the commercial division of ME to WE. At the same ME to WE Social Enterprises is a corporate sponsor of the charity events WE Day and covers the costs of participation of the speakers.

the Prime Minister, who himself participated in the events WE Day, “never” not received “for any speech or other issues,” said the organization. His wife, Sophie grégoire Trudeau, currently leads the audio and video transmission on WE on charitable activities. In WE Charity said that the wife does not receive monetary compensation for a podcast, and only once she was paid out $ 1400 in legal fees for participation in the event in 2012.