President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated the need to spend money on defense during a pandemic coronavirus infections, reports Reuters. The emphasis of the national Belarusian leader promised to do on missile production.

Lukashenka’s statement made during familiarization with the military developments. He stressed that “the war has not been canceled”, despite the “epidemics, pandemics and hysteria.”

“To it it is necessary to prepare in peacetime. Not going anywhere,” said the President.

The head of state added that to increase the defense capability of the country a lot of money, despite the fact that “no extra money”. According to him, potential adversaries must demonstrate that the Belarusian armed forces to “respond with dignity”.

“the best answer from the point of view of armaments today is missiles, precision weapons,” – said Lukashenko.

Last fall, as reported by “the Rambler”, Alexander Lukashenko stated about the possible establishment of a Ukrainian-Belarusian enterprises by rocket science in Belarus. He admitted that armed with missiles, the Belarusian army can and without the help of Ukrainians, but it will take twice as long – about 5 years.