Vyacheslav Murugov advised what movies to watch in isolation

Vyacheslav Murugov, the President of “NMG Studio”, Deputy General Director of NTM in entertainment broadcasting, General Director of media holding “STS Media” and TV channel STS:

– to Name a few favorite films are always difficult. All depends on the time, status, and agenda. I think now all the necessary life-affirming and uplifting stories, in which characters cope with difficulties, whose talent and human ingenuity motivated to move mountains in the end, the stories that people are people even in the darkest times.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov do home Than Muscovites, who now not in a hurry,

I chose pictures of different people. What they have in common? Everyone managed to make some sort of a miracle.

1 “Forrest Gump”, 1994.

25 years ago, the film won the “Oscar” and number one in almost any list. The history of the “disabled” guy who succeeds in everything he undertakes he – a magic pill of depression.

2 “28 days later”, 2002.

At the dawn of the pandemic left many collections of films about zombies. Logical response to a dangerous virus. In my opinion, to outdo Danny Boyle’s movie is impossible. This is a very brutal parable on the theme “man is a wolf”. But well, that among the wolves there are people like the hero, Killian Murphy, who won’t cross a moral line.

3 “ray”, 2004.

the Biopic is an insidious genre. Great chance to hear a sarcastic “not like”. For the film about ray Charles questions arise. Jamie Foxx literally got into the skin of a human complex destiny, who was a music icon.

4, “She”, 2013.

In the film, spike Jonze people prefer to have a relationship with operating systems. The character of Joaquin Phoenix and postupaet. And meeting the one with the voice of Scarlett Johansson, to re-learn to love and let go. He seems to be regaining himself. An important achievement for a man crippled by virus isolation.

5 “the pursuit of happyness”, 2006.

a Special film in the career of will Smith. His hero is ready for everything for my son. He works up a sweat. He descends to the bottom, but he has enough strength to push him. In the end, the viewer will be rewarded with the most hard-won and fair interchange.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG “the Russian newspaper” opens the online film festival “Double DV@”

6 “Erin Brockovich”, 2000.

the Beautiful woman fights the system and wins – what could be better? 20 years later after the release of this social drama Soderbergh is as relevant as ever. Julia Roberts has evolved from a folk beauty in people’s character and did it flawlessly.

7 “rain Man”, 1988.

a Sentimental road movie, eternal movie about compassion. The perfect Duo of Tom cruise and Dustin Hoffman. This movie needed to be reviewed to regularly to get a dose of kindness.

8,9,10 And, of course, I recommend three of our film. the First two has already been in theaters and now available on digital platforms. Sputnik will come to online resources, 23 April.