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In the broadcast channel NTV detective goes about one of the most notorious cases of the Soviet Union - "the Hunt for the singer". The plot is based on a real story about one of the most notorious and secret Affairs - the assassination of Soviet pop diva Alla Pugacheva
Online screening of productions from the "Golden collection" of "Satyricon" discovered "the Poplar and a wind" directed by Konstantin Raikin. Theatre of the Russian army, in turn, launched a video project "I Want to ask"
Self-isolation is a good time to do those things that in normal mode, not enough time, said the conductor Felix Korobov. About the changed plans and old dreams, about the value of "voluntary confinement" and the way of salvation in it, he told the "RG"
Self-isolation is a good time to do those things that in normal mode, not enough time, said the conductor Felix Korobov. About the changed plans and old dreams, about the value of "voluntary confinement" and the way of salvation in it, he told the "RG"
Screenlife-the sitcom "Seadome" will appear on the video service PREMIER for 14 of April and will be published once a week. See, it's not only impressive part of the Russian stars, but ourselves - heroes
Program in honor of the birthday of Alla Pugacheva, the series on the book the Guzel Agenoy and replaced the TV program "good night, kids!" and the show "What happened next?". This and much more await viewers this week on television and the Internet
Radio play with Alisa Freundlich, online-interview with Oleg Basilashvili, a crochet lesson with Nina Usatova, archival performances and photos from the meeting will present to the audience the theatre in its new resource - an online platform БДТdigital
Radio play with Alisa Freundlich, online-interview with Oleg Basilashvili, a crochet lesson with Nina Usatova, archival performances and photos from the meeting will present to the audience the theatre in its new resource - an online platform БДТdigital
The famous TV presenter and journalist Boris Berman presented the 10 best movies that you can watch in isolation. The audience is left only to trust and listen
General producer of "Match TV" Tina Kandelaki told "RG" movies and TV shows, she advises to look at in isolation. In the ranking of her favorite TV shows were "the Morning show" and "Locke Key". From movies, she advises "Contagion" by Steven Soderbergh
In day of Catholic Easter the famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli will give a concert of sacred music in Milan Cathedral. In the building of the Cathedral will be one of the listeners, and the concert of Opera singer will be broadcast on the Internet
While the concert and touring life of musicians involuntarily suspended, they do not sit idly by. But, on the contrary, having more free time, released the premiere even more than in times of isolation
Russian actress Yuliya Snigir on request "RG" introduced the list of movies that it recommends for viewing in isolation. The top 10 includes such blockbusters as "Gentlemen", "Rocketman" and "Once in Hollywood"
Famous singers, actors and athletes will help to raise funds for the solidarity Fund who. World stars of show business will join a new online project "the Whole world: together house" which will air on April 18-19. Already confirmed their participation Elton John, Billy Iles, Paul McCartney and others
Renowned Director Valery Todorovsky made the list of 16 films and one book, which can be found during the regime of isolation. However, he acknowledged that while sit down for a movie he himself does not work
Channel TV-3 in the era of pandemic coronavirus has launched a new show "Sit at home with the stars." It famous actors, musicians and TV presenters themselves record a video of yourself, telling what they do in quarantine and share tips for a good mood
Work apps for video calls and conferences, which moved the activity of the staff in conditions of self-isolation, were the scene of the first short films about quarantine "Udalenke". Film directed by Aksinya Gog became the first winner of the project of Timur Bekmambetov's "History of quarantine"
General Director of "STS Media" Vyacheslav Murugov has made its list of the 10 movies that you can watch during the isolation. "I think now with all the necessary life-affirming and uplifting stories," - he commented his choice
Exhibition of Maria Safronova "What if?" had ended a couple of weeks before the scheduled date. Perfect rhymes with the rational in the universe, who creates the artist. Browser "RG", shared his impressions of the exposition
On Friday on the online festival "the Double DV@" will display drama Svetlana Proskurina "Sunday". Saturday - "Turandot", the most mysterious Opera Puccini, Sunday - "the Joker" Alexandra Kaur. You should still check everything
Museums continue to surprise interactive features and come up with new projects. So, the Victory Museum has prepared a program about the battle of Stalingrad, fortress of Derbent - the first virtual tour, and the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin brought the heroes of the films social media accounts
Peter nalitch will give 9 APR Internet a free concert. During the preparation for the performance where the sounds and songs from recent album "Morra," the musician told the "RG" on how his life changed in isolation
Eleventh festival "the Russian newspaper" "Double two" begins in the atmosphere is not festive. The pandemic is in the early stages there was a lot new for civilization the most difficult problems. However, the aid comes online
Almost simultaneously with the appearance of erroneous rumors that till Lindemann contracted the coronavirus, it is the band Rammstein has released a Remix album, filled with legendary groups
At the Moscow international House of music, as in all theatres and concert halls in the world, today, silence. Billboard closed until 11 April, concerts are canceled or rescheduled. The President of the house of music Vladimir Spivakov told "RG" on how musicians cope with the difficult situation
The first channel is celebrating its 25th anniversary, the stars reading poems to children, the series premiere of the melodrama "Paramsize" and the second season of the animated series "Harley Quinn". This and much more await viewers this week on TV and online
The project "Big tour online" made a special program for non-working weeks. In social networks and on the website it will be possible to watch the performances of the leading regional theaters. Live streaming starts every evening at 19.00 Moscow time
In Lithuania, before the theatre was closed for quarantine, showed production by Vasily Barkhatov "Player". The libretto for this challenging Opera was himself the Prokofiev of the dialogues of Dostoevsky's novel, using 15 of the 17 chapters
Festival "the gold mask" made a gift for all theatre lovers caught in forced quarantine, and launched the screenings of a special program "the gold Mask online." You can check them out on the platform of the online cinema Okko
March 26 was the premiere day for the national series of projects coming to the video. The audience became available, two new series - "the Last Minister" and "Project "Anna N."
In connection with the pandemic in the fashion industry, many musicians are forced to cancel scheduled tours, moved the concerts online. First start a kind of musical marathon group "Bi-2", which attracted more than 2.5 million views online
On the day of the theatre for the first time in its history the State academic Bolshoi theatre will show performances online from your "Golden Fund". Will open a new format of communication with the audience of the legendary ballet "Swan lake"
The Moscow art theatre. Gorky has launched a new online TV channel "Mat speaks!" which will be broadcast on the official website of the theatre and in social networks. Each day, there promise to talk about the theatre and upcoming premieres
"Russian seasons" start online marathon Stay home. The evening of 23 March on the website show concert Big Symphony orchestra. Tchaikovsky. CEO of ANO "Russian seasons," Alexei Lebedev told about the new project, its participants and surprises
Events music events music fans can "visit" online, is in the next month world format. In the list of accessions not only Russian halls and theatres, but also the largest musical venues in the world
Because of the coronavirus cultural life of Vienna were forced to a standstill. The long-awaited premiere, the tickets for which were sold out long ago, had to cancel or postpone indefinitely. As the theaters of the Austrian capital to cope with the new conditions, found out the correspondent "RG"
For the first time in 264 years of the history of the Alexandrinsky theatre the performance will be staged without an audience in the hall. Theatrical premiere of the oratorio "Mauser" Greek Director Theodoros of Terzopoulos decided to show live
Tatarstan state orchestra managed to play in Moscow on the eve of prohibition of mass events due to coronavirus and to present Wagner operas flying Dutchman. Correspondent "RG" estimated new production
March 31 start of the broadcast performances of the Moscow international House of music. Orchestra "Moscow Virtuosi" will present a program of works by Tchaikovsky, Gershwin, Piazzolla, Nino Rota and other composers
In a situation of pandemic, the search for new formats of concert life, and the "charge" has quickly changed. In the first "day of silence" in there, held a concert named as "the seasons" with the participation of pianist Ivan Rudin and actress Daria Moroz
Online-festival "the Double DV@" will be held from 2 to 16 April. Two weeks are free 9 games Russian films, 10 short films and feature films and 4 of the performance of leading musical theaters in the country
Video service "Kinopoisk HD" will show the episode "Heart attack" on the eponymous book by journalist and producer Michael Sigara. The film will tell about the 1996 presidential election, Boris Yeltsin, his colleagues and political opponents
Timur Bekmambetov will use two new technologies for the filming of "the FAA. Escape from hell". The first stage of air combat will be shot in real computer games, and lead the filming the Director will remotely
March 19, the main "die hard" Hollywood, Bruce Willis, turns 65. For the anniversary of the famous actor "RG" gathered five of the most memorable roles: from the "star" to the most unusual
"RG" has published a selection on what to watch those who are at home in quarantine. However, the news does not take long, we honestly warned. Here is a new possibility to spend time usefully. Information today
The spread of coronavirus and makes adjustments to the work of museums. If the foreign art space closed entirely, the Russian galleries are still available for visitors. There is also the opportunity to walk around the exhibition online
16 Mar prominent actor Sergei Yursky would have turned 85 years old. To this date "WP" remembers the highlights from the interview: on education and people around, the attitude to popular roles and what work is considered undervalued
One of the most anticipated films of the Berlin International film festival - the fairy tale "Pinocchio" directed by Matteo Garrone. Russian premiere took place on 12 March. Before the beginning of Berlinale, the Director of the new "Pinocchio" answered questions browser "RG"
Opera soloists, chorus and Bolshoi theatre orchestra out on tour in Toulouse and Paris. Due to the coronavirus to cancel the trip did not, but had to adjust the poster, said "RG" Director of the theatre Vladimir urin
The Moscow theatre of the musical presented a bright premiere: the performance of "Primetime" on a television backstage. A Broadway scale show in the setting, attended the North American specialists in harmony with domestic realities

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