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Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Program in honor of the birthday of Alla Pugacheva, the series on the book the Guzel Agenoy and replaced the TV program "good night, kids!" and the show "What happened next?". This and much more await viewers this week on television and the Internet
General producer of "Match TV" Tina Kandelaki told "RG" movies and TV shows, she advises to look at in isolation. In the ranking of her favorite TV shows were "the Morning show" and "Locke Key". From movies, she advises "Contagion" by Steven Soderbergh
Russian actress Yuliya Snigir on request "RG" introduced the list of movies that it recommends for viewing in isolation. The top 10 includes such blockbusters as "Gentlemen", "Rocketman" and "Once in Hollywood"
Renowned Director Valery Todorovsky made the list of 16 films and one book, which can be found during the regime of isolation. However, he acknowledged that while sit down for a movie he himself does not work
General Director of "STS Media" Vyacheslav Murugov has made its list of the 10 movies that you can watch during the isolation. "I think now with all the necessary life-affirming and uplifting stories," - he commented his choice
One of the most anticipated films of the Berlin International film festival - the fairy tale "Pinocchio" directed by Matteo Garrone. Russian premiere took place on 12 March. Before the beginning of Berlinale, the Director of the new "Pinocchio" answered questions browser "RG"
The programme of the Berlinale special screening of the anniversary was the premiere of the "Lessons Farsi" Vadim Perelman. Film, something like a quest, constantly keeps the viewer in suspense. About who invented pseudolanguage for filming and how did the casting, "RG" told the Director himself