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The famous TV presenter and journalist Boris Berman presented the 10 best movies that you can watch in isolation. The audience is left only to trust and listen
General producer of "Match TV" Tina Kandelaki told "RG" movies and TV shows, she advises to look at in isolation. In the ranking of her favorite TV shows were "the Morning show" and "Locke Key". From movies, she advises "Contagion" by Steven Soderbergh
In the United States is working on a new adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". The project called R#J. Romeo movie first time playing an African-American actor Cameron Engel, Juliette is an American actress of Latin American origin Francesca Noelle
Russian actress Yuliya Snigir on request "RG" introduced the list of movies that it recommends for viewing in isolation. The top 10 includes such blockbusters as "Gentlemen", "Rocketman" and "Once in Hollywood"
Renowned Director Valery Todorovsky made the list of 16 films and one book, which can be found during the regime of isolation. However, he acknowledged that while sit down for a movie he himself does not work
General Director of "STS Media" Vyacheslav Murugov has made its list of the 10 movies that you can watch during the isolation. "I think now with all the necessary life-affirming and uplifting stories," - he commented his choice
April 4 Robert Downey Jr. turns 55 years old. "The Russian newspaper" remembered some interesting facts from the life of one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood
Today, there are already several film festivals and markets held in an online format. Some future reviews of the content stated that they also chose this model. Explain why it is needed and what is its advantage
On forced "vacation" of the Russian film industry goes with a loss of 124 million rubles. While the highest grossing March release was the romantic Comedy "the Hotel "Belgrade"
Cartoon Walt Dorn and David P. Smith "Trolls. World tour" topped the box office of the cinemas of Russia for the weekend of March 26-29. He earned 3 million rubles in 624 theaters, and 124.5 million rubles in the first 11 days of screenings
26 Mar feminine and strong-willed keira Knightley is celebrating its 35th anniversary. For the anniversary of Hollywood actress, twice nominees for the award "Oscar", "RG" gathered five interesting facts about her life
Hollywood actress Sarah Jessica Parker celebrates 55 years. She is known for her role as a journalist and a lover of expensive shoes Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series "sex and the city". Of struck her fame, the actress was able to get the maximum in other cases
Music-Comedy cartoon "Trolls. World tour" predictable headed the Russian car this week. Only for the first four days, the film grossed 90 million rubles in 1779 theaters
Directorate Cannes film festival made the difficult decision of moving it. Pre - June or July. "As soon as the development of the situation in France and in the world will allow us to assess the real possibility to hold the festival, we will notify you of its decision", - said the organizers
March 19, the main "die hard" Hollywood, Bruce Willis, turns 65. For the anniversary of the famous actor "RG" gathered five of the most memorable roles: from the "star" to the most unusual
We live today inside a fantastic horror film: what is happening seems unreal. But, oddly enough, with the flow of the news-horror stories there is a feeling that is largely a kind of pattern - what is called imperative
In the Russian hire the film "Unelected roads." One of the main roles in it was played by Salma Hayek. The Hollywood star said in an interview "RG", why do we leave in their lives some roads and the relations and choose other, about his attitude to Harvey Weinstein and his personal life
In the online cinemas gaining popularity the Steven Soderbergh film "Contagion". He was released in 2011, but critics then took it cool. Now, many have appreciated a reliable picture of the epidemic
The box office of the cinemas of Russia for the weekend of 12-15 March headed fiction Thriller Dave Wilson "Blodshot". This is followed by the cartoon Dan Scanlon "Forward". In third place - criminal-Comedy "the Hotel "Belgrade"
One of the most anticipated films of the Berlin International film festival - the fairy tale "Pinocchio" directed by Matteo Garrone. Russian premiere took place on 12 March. Before the beginning of Berlinale, the Director of the new "Pinocchio" answered questions browser "RG"
The last time the festival was canceled in 1968 in the student protests. Since then, this tradition seemed unshakable. However, in 2020 Cannes is again under threat. This time because of the coronavirus, has already caused irreparable damage to the industry
"Hotel "Belgrade" gathered for a weekend of 215 million rubles, the movie "Go" - 200 million, and "Gentlemen" - 110 million rubles. Summarize the week's intelligence about the box office theaters of Russia for March 5-8
In recent days observers wondered will there be a major film festival in Europe - the Cannes international - the growing threat of coronavirus. The Directorate of the festival announced that there were no prerequisites for its cancellation
On the screens the audience the film is one of the leading filmmakers of the Romanian new wave, Corneliu porumboiu the "Whistlers". A major attraction of the film and the first impulse for its Creator, the mysterious ancient "whistling language" of the first settlers La Gomera
The exhibition "Federico Fellini: 100", dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the birth of the classic of world cinema, opens March 13 at the Museum movie. Visited will be able to see more than 170 rare pieces
Berlin festival ended with the triumph of the Iranian drama "Here no evil" directed by Mohammad Rasoulof. The Director could not receive the award in person - for political reasons he was not allowed to travel outside of the country. It is the jury's decision was seen as a sign of solidarity with the disgraced wizard
70-th Berlin festival ended with the triumph of the Iranian drama "Here no evil" directed by Mohammad Rasoulof - anthology of four novellas about degrees of human freedom, about the problems of a painful moral choice in difficult circumstances.
70-th Berlin festival, despite the upheavals in the change Directorate and the threat of coronavirus close to a happy ending. Shows the last of the competition films, all waiting for the verdict of the jury. What distinguished this year's festival, read in the material "RG"
World premiere of the new film by the British Director Dominic cook's "Iron bark" (Ironbark) was held at the Sundance film festival in Utah. The picture was less obvious, which gives reason to talk about it
At the Berlin film festival has passed display of a new film by Hong Sansa. "The woman that got away" fits in with the style of the works of South Korean Director where it is unclear whether he simply fooled the public, whether the film really is something there
Even when the 70th Berlinale crossed its equator, the competition is not yet revealed the films that you would sacrifice "Bears." Ratings never rose above a C grade consolation, and it still belongs to the film by Christian Petzold "Ondine", says the Explorer, "RG"
At the Berlinale European premiere of the picture of the kitty green "Assistant", which began after Sundance. The story of "Assistant" - one day in the life of a young girl who comes to work early and leaving late all
At the Berlinale premiere of the film "Pinocchio" by Italian Director Matteo Garrone. He's in a movie combines several genres - from household social drama to political satire, a magical fantasy and a Christmas moral tale

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